Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
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When you send in your samples for the box

There has been a bit of confusion in the last 2 days as to who packages the samples sent in to me. Below is from my January Newsletter:

Any small sample packaged neatly with your business card attached .
Please consider the fact that this has to travel with other samples which someone put alot of their time in to create so we would like to make sure packaging is secure as we do not want leakage onto someones precious work.
Minimum samples are 25, if you send in 100 samples or more you will get a FREE sampler of that month in which you participate
Full size product donated will be given in a raffle each paying customer will be entered in each month.

After I receive everyones samples I then make up the Sampler Box by filling with a mix of samples from the contributors. Not all boxes are filled alike since not all contributors send in the same amount of samples. I then tie up the Sampler box with the ribbon & then package that into a priority shipping box, then they are stacked in the office & upon sale I print an invoice, slip it into the box & on its way it goes to its customer. I never know who gets what box & that is a perfect way to include a full size product one of you has been kind enough to donate. I put a note on the full size product that they have won & would they please let you know they are the winner. When there are several full size products I do a randomizer drawing for the winner and then I ship it out separately to the winner.The postage is paid by me. It is no fun to win something if you have to pay the postage :) I hope this leaves everyone clear on how things are done & with an understanding that your samples should be packaged by you so that your customer can see how you present you items. People never forget first impressions & it could get you a lifetime customer. Also people prefer hands on with a sample rather than a coupon alone, especially if they are first time users of your products. You have a greater chance of getting a customer if they actually can see, feel & smell & even taste your products. I make sure that I package the Sampler with each & every one of you in mind taking care not to destroy your hard work.


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