Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
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"Scents made in the South"

Smacky's Sweet Scents-----yes, they smell as good as they sound! Maybe even better! I found a shop on Etsy the other day & thought my how pretty these tarts look! They sounded great so I marked it as a favorite....well Samantha of Smacky's convod me & she was so sweet to ask if I would try her samples! What a blessing ! to be able to try something I had admired! Of course I said yes, she then sent me a list & said to pick the ones I wanted to I just told her I would love to try any of them. So by the end of the week I had received a nice package in my mail. Upon opening the package the sweet, pleasing aroma started to settle in my home. I could be happy just to carry one of these around in my pocket all day & just smell! (aromatheraphy does wonders for us!) Inside Samantha's package were 7 delightful tarts for my pleasure! Even before I had my jacket off I was digging out another tart burner to place in my bathroom. I opened "clean cotton" In a matter of 15 minutes I could smell the scent throughout the whole upstairs! The scents she chose for me are :
clean cotton,cotton blossom, blueberry,lemon,raspberry brulee,tropical spice & mountain berries...all I must say are scents I would have chosen for myself! Each tart is crystalized on the top which makes it a very pretty effect on the tart. It is sorta like when you look at the snow on the yard & it sparkles. They burn clean & clear...I never understand where the color goes when a colored candle or tart burns?!
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