Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
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River Cali~~~by Anya's Garden

This is the wonderful set of samples I received from Anya's Garden to test! Isn't it classy & exquisite looking! So fitting for her Garden Collection! If you order one of these you will not be sorry. My first scent I chose to try was River Cali: a clean, warm, rich, long lasting perfume. it gives off a soft, firey, musky scent mixed with the slightly sweet & pungent aroma with a touch of vanilla whispering through out the day. I have noticed since I have now worn 2 of Anya's creations that the scent does not leave you ALL day. I have used the finest lines of perfumes for the last 35+ years and have never had this happen with any other leading brands. I put her perfume on around 4:30am and I can actually smell it on me (something I could never do with any other perfume) all day long & actually into the evening hours when I lie down to watch some tv before going to sleep. All I used is a drop on each side of my neck & 1 drop on my wrist which I then rubbed onto the other wrist. 3 drops & WALLA!!! I am in my own little world of "Aromaville" it was very pleasing to sit at my desk & every so often a scent of pleasantry came to great me! The tiny vial appears to have none of its contents missing so I assume that this collection of 5 vials will last me well into the month. Stop by Anya's Garden today & tell her Gabbriella sent you!

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