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Sample Reviews
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Anya's Garden

I met a new friend on Facebook a few months ago. Being a Perfume maker my self I was attracted to her shops name "Anya's Garden" My means of making perfumes are different & I am just self taught with oil bases & essential oils. I would just love to be able to take some of her classes. Maybe in time.....I received in the mail the above box which I simply it was 5 tiny vials filled with a sampling of her fragrances....Because of her kindness to send me the samples I will be blogging about her marvelous perfumes this week....first lets talk about the box in which they came to me.....It is exactly as shown in the picture above..all instructions are on the box as stated above & very simple. Inside the vials were wrapped in tissue paper with tiny flowers on it. I am going to plant my box in a flower pot for on my deck & I will be tracking that in future weeks for you. Anya's presentation for her product is very clean & attractive. Her labels are colorful & delicate just as the flowers used in her makings. I have already tried 2 of her scents & what I have to say about them is amazing! But, you will have to come back tomorrow to read about that. What I can tell you right now that so far I have seen & smelled the most amazing perfumes & you would be very pleased if you ordered from Anya. Stop by her shop for a visit at & tell her Gabbriella sent you! Remember this is my personal experience with Anya's Perfumes, but I can assure you that so far you won't be sorry if you place an order with her! Till tomorrow morning!

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