Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
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When the box arrived from the post the other day I was so thrilled when I saw what the contributor Michelle from Reviyve Skincare had sent to put in the boxes! So nicely package is a 4 piece set of items from her shop! I am going to give away part of what is in her contribution by sharing my experience... Being a maker of bath & body products myself & loving to pamper myself I just had to take a sample for myself---I generally will not do this unless the seller tells me to---not like they are watching me, but God is watching me, so I want to be fair....but temptation got the best of me , the scent was drawing me as I prepared for my day I used the brown sugar scrub...the smell was so good it was like "food for your skin".. I applied like a scrub like the package said then left on my face for it to work like a mask...when I took it off I was so suprised at the silkyness to my skin...I have used all natural products on my skin for many years now and for a 56 year old woman my skin is rather young looking & smooth, but I must say there was an improved difference.I can't wait till you all try this one!
Then the next step ... take a shower with the Honey Almond Shower Gel...when opening the bottle( a very nice sample size!) I fell in love again! Just imagine how I felt...falling in love with Karriem's coffee then falling in love with Michelle's products!...a grand way to start my day!The shower gel is not only sensational & sensual smelling it is so great for leaving your skin silky long after your shower. You will be very pleased if you get this product in your Sampler. Stop by Michelle's Shop to see what all she has.
Thank you Michelle for such generous samples....I am so glad I tried it!
Brown Sugar Facial Scrub & Mask Combo - Combination Scrub and Mask with Dead Sea Minerals. Gently Exfoliates, Unclogs pores and Tones your skin. Two products for the price of one
Organics Shower Gel - A great conditioning gel made with Organic Soy, Pumpkin, & Tamanu oils - crafted to gently condition skin while you cleanse. Just perfect in one of our Essential Oils or Blends!!

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