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Sample Reviews
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What a delightful way to ease into my morning~~~I am sitting here at my desk in the wee hours of the night for most of you but this is my bright & early start of my day~~~first was a "Thank you Lord for another day" then it was rush off to the coffee pot to get my morning cup of pleasure,,,I say pleasure because the coffee I am drinking this morning is not only refreshing, but so smooth & pleasing to the taste.It actually has a smoothness to it as you sip it! I welcome Reviyve Gourmet Coffee to Gabbriella's Sampler this month as the 1st Shop to become a Sponsor. I received from the owner, Karriem 2 large full size bags of the most wonderful gourmet coffee you will ever try. Oh it was a very hard decision to try to decide- do I keep the French Roast (my fav) for myself or do I be daring & try the Donut Blend...So I decided to open up the Donut Blend & see what this was all about! It had to be good---aren't donuts the greatest?! It smelled oh so wonderful when the aroma hit the air, then while brewing I was on my way to happiness, upon touching my lips ~~~~this is when I fell in love~~~~the smoothness, the richness in the bitterness... almost a sweetness (not sweet as you would think from sugar) just the most delightful medium bodied coffee that made my tummy & my senses just go mmmmmmmmmmmm..........It is a great blend of coffee...I can't wait to try more! I had promised my son, who worked for the countrys leading Coffee Shop( you probably know the name) for 8 or so years, I had promised to share some of my bag with him so he could experience what I have been experiencing. Well I must say that I want to keep it all for myself! But at the same time I want him to have the same feeling I just had from starting my day with this coffee. So being a good Mom I will save him some...The good news is for 1 lucky person out there you get to try Reviyve Gourmet Coffee for yourself! The French Roast will be in a Randomizer Drawing for all the February Sampler Purchasers. So anyone who purchases a box in February will be eligible for the drawing....Stop by Karriem's shop & take a tour of his products...Pour yourself a cup of java sit down & relax & dream of what a cup from his shop may taste like...we all have our favorites... I never thought Donut Blend would become one of mine...but it "Stole my Heart" I probably will spend Valentines day with it ( I know I will start my day with it!) I challenge you to try some, you will not be sorry :) I am not! I have been a faithful coffee lover for many years (since we got free coffee each week when my son worked for you know who) but I must say Reviyve Gourmet coffee is up there with the best! Thank you Karriem for your generosity, your sponsorship & I wish you well in your business! You can find Reviyve Gourmet Coffee at stop by for a visit soon!!!!
Right now I am going downstairs to get my second cup! The great thing about living alone is you know it will be there! You all have an amazing day!

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