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Sample Reviews
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Welcome Calizona Designs!

Calizona Designs~~~~~in the January Sampler with all our other talented Artisans! We welcome you! Creators of Southwestern leather jewelry accessories....with loads of dazzle added! I just figured out as typing this blog that Calizona (I think) got its name from California & Arizona...Classic the classy lady who runs the Etsy shop lived in California & then recently moved to Arizona...what a unique name! At her shop you can get Horse tack, stirrups & other spiced up accessories for your riding, beautiful jewelry with sparkle & natural stone, even watches! Stop by and visit Classic & get to know her & her products...if you have any questions or wish to have a custom piece or two she also does custom orders! Classic is just a convo away!

Her addition to the Sampler is very classy~~~~just like her name! Do you know how she got her name? If you are the first to answer, and get it right, without asking her (remember I will be checking!),I will send you a SURPRISE GIFT FROM ME! I will judge by checking the time you left the response to the blog...this is on my other blog as well so start thinking! It is only 1 contest shown on only 2 blogs. and here also while you are here sign up to follow my blog on the left hand column if you scroll down a bit, you never know when I might pop another contest in...this is a test to see if you really do read my blogs! If no one answers by January 25, the day I want the samplers to go on sale, then I send the small gift to Classic!

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Gabbriella said...

Well, Classic won the contest because no one entered to try...but I can not get in touch with Classic to let her Classic if you are out there reading this please email me. I live up to my word, I have a gift for you.