Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
Introducing Barbie & their reviews below


1.03.2009 to join the Sampler! She was the first to contact me in less than 2 hours after I did my first mention of wanting to start the Sampler! So hats off to you Mickey for joining in! Above pictures are a sampling of the unique quality of her atistic abilities.....Every time I have ordered from Mickey in the past year I am thrilled to get her package! The jewelry is excellently made & sturdy. All stones are natural pieces...the pouches are "oh so soft"....and they come packaged with care. She is a great person to do business with and she has become a great friend of mine whom I am very proud to offer you a sampling of her work...She has already gotten her box and to me and what she has chosen to put in the Sampler you will be pleased with! Stop by her shop sometime & browze the pages to see more of her fabulous designs & read the great feedbacks she has recieved from her customers.....If you are a person who enjoys the idea of recyling then you share one of Mickey's finest qualities.....she waste nothing....everything gets put to use in her creations! I have found many uses for her pouches...from hanging the tiniest ones in my car with lavander or potpouri in them or putting catnip in them for my precious cats.(cats just love leather & catnip...mix the 2 & they fall in love!) to the slightly larger ones for my cell phone or change in my purse! I have strung them through my belt loops to have handy at the market or park & have also added them to my designed purses as an embellishment. Vintage items accessorize her works. Her leather cuffs are 100% handmade & stylish...what more can I saw about this great artist?! I am sure you will be pleased with her sample....there is no doubt in my mind! Look for her in the January Sampler which goes on sale January 30....and can be purchased at or or
Thank you for your time...stop by & visit Mickey today!

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Ms. Cupcake said...

Nice work! I'll check out the site. These are handy for packing lingerie and hose when traveling.