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Sample Reviews
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Kate of Omshanti is back again!

Kate of OmShanti Handcrafts is a regular participant in "Gabbriella's Sampler"her samples are
perfect to use as guest soaps or to try to figure out which scent you like the most. 
below is copied from Kate's Etsy Shop so you can read what she has to say:

Any soap you buy -- whether it's handmade like mine, or purchased from the grocery store -- is made much the same way: A chemical reaction between lye and oils. This produces soap: a salt-based detergent (the part that cleans), and glycerine (the part that moisturizes).

Now the part the grocery store won't tell you: Those big commercial soapmakers take out most of the glycerine before the let the soap harden into bars. Yup, that means most of the moisturizing stuff has been removed! Then they make it into lotions and sell it right back to you.

Sounds like a scam? I don't like it much. That's why I leave all the glycerine in the soap I make (I wouldn't know how to take it out anyway!). So my soap cleans _and_ moisturizes your skin -- exactly what it needs! People always ask again & again if Kate is going to be in our sampler each now is your chance to try first hand her products to see for yourself!  Tell her Gabby sent you!
Any questions just click on Kate's Etsy Shop above & you can contact her there.....
the samples comes neatly packaged contained in a muslin drawstring bag which can be used over again.
Her soaps are awesome : Goats milk& honey help make it so!!!

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