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Sample Reviews
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We Have Special Talent @ Gabbriella's Sampler!

Let me introduce you once again to "Mickey" my very special friend I met on etsy! Mickey was the very first person to ever be in Gabbriella's Sampler...she believed in me from the very beginning going back to December of 2008 when I approached her with the idea of starting my own monthly sampler. In just a matter of days mickey got together 50 handmade leather pouches to send out in the sampler. So before the end of December I had received my first item to place in my special monthly box! Her sample was a tiny leather pouch with natural polished stones placed in them. Her pouches represented the quality of her handiwork and the rocks represented the stones used sometimes in her jewelry making. She is so full of talent! Now she has made the cover of "Country Living"! What a celebration there should be! Below is the description of her boxes from the actual listing in etsy...
These Christmas gift boxes are featured on the "flip book" cover of Country Living magazine the December/January issue. When you peel off the brown sticky paper to renew your precious membership, my ecovintagevegan gift boxes are reveled. Giggle....In this listing 10 hand made, hand built gift boxes for your treasure's, craft's or gifts. Made from 12 x 12 inch scrap booking card stock and die-cast stock shapes. Colored card stock folder paper bright green, red, white and blue with a matte finish. Durable and sturdy for all your creative uses. Box lids and bottoms matching, box fit snugly together secure fit.This is a eco-friendly design and the construction is so simple. Each box measures 4 x 4 x 2" and 6" from corner to corner. Each has been meticulously folded, scored and center point glued with a shape to complete a ready made hand built box. The boxes are empty inside. But ready for your fine creative treasure's. Conveniently each box is left "un-marked" by ecovintagevegan, allowing you take claim for these large gifted wonders.This style of folding paper, yields from the turn of the century, where lady folk congregated to make and reproduce these little boxes from post cards and birthday cards.Etsy shopper will receive all 10 boxes for the listed price.No choice of assortment, but a mix of all festive colors included, plus, one free box with a different design.
Congrats Mickey!!!!!! keep making these speciality items & keep getting them published!!!!!
You can visit Mickey at just one of her amazing shops!!!!!
If you like her work or want to congratulate her just convo her at her etsy site & tell her Gabbriella sent you!

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