Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
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Hello Everyone!

August Samples due in from now till August 15

Well it is so hard to believe that summer is on its way out! The weather here in Pennsylvania has not been the best for us this year. I do hope all of you are well & have enjoyed some part of summer fun! I am in the process of updating the business & have changed email marketing companies. If you do not wish to be on the mailing list please let me know by following the directions at the bottom of this newsletter. This month the message goes to both Artisans & Buyers. You are both the very heart of this project I have undertaken this year. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support for making this a great program. I try my best to get the best products into the hands of the consumer. All of you have given very, very nice offerings. I do hope that it pays off for you. This is a difficult year for both buyers & sellers because of the economy, but we must persevere through the tough economic times so that we can come out on top. I have lots of plans for the upcoming Christmas Season & am very excited about the change in packaging for the Holiday Samplers. I will show a preview when all my supplies have arrived. Look for the pictures in the upcoming Newsletters. Also if you are an Artisan & would like to sign up for the November Sampler which goes on sale November 7th ( your samples need to be in prior to this date) please email me ASAP to reserve your spot. There will be limited quantities of the largest Sampler for this month. I am hoping for 20 Samples in each package. I will still have 3 other versions available if all the packaging is what I am hoping for. I am sure you all will be pleased.If you would like to reserve your Holiday Sampler you will be able to do on the website in October. Payment will be at the time of reserving. Ship date will be November 7. Remember contributors if you send in 100 samples you receive a FREE $12 Sampler. The more samples you send in the more people you touch & have a chance to receive more traffic & buyers at your shops.I have been pleased with how well this program has been going so far & have great ideas for the upcoming year!

The winners of the randomizer drawing for June & July are:



Your $25 gift certificate will be sent to you & can be used at Gabbriella's Closet. No expiration date

What's New at The Sampler
Purchase a Sampler in August & receive FREE Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts...enough for 2-3 soaks in the tub! this offer is only given to the newsletter recipients....Dead Sea Minerals are healing for your body....great for relaxing! ..... Send in Samples for the August Sampler & this offer will be sent to you also! I always like to give back a little something to the contributors!

Finally, a Sampler at a great price! You'll love all of the great features it has. Order yours today!If you're looking for a Sampler with handmade, quality Artisans, order the next Sampler August 16 or reserve yours today. There's never been a better deal . . . you don't want to miss it!If you are a seller & looking for advertising for your business sign up now to send in your samples for an upcoming Sampler! We welcome everyone! If you know of a seller who could benefit from this opportunity please recommend them. If they send in their samples & let me know you recommended them I will send you a free gift.Thank you for being a loyal Gabbriella's Sampler Member. We will continue to provide you quality Samplers greatly packaged & ready for gift giving!Blessings & may you all BeWell4Ever!The Team at Gabbriella's Closet...we take pride in our work!


Michelle said...

Beautiful banner on your page as usual :-)

I will be participating in the sampler next month woo hoo!
i'm just waiting on some supplies.

Gabbriella said...

Thank you Michelle...I will log you in....I just love getting new supplies in my mail don't you!

Lady_Sudz said...

Very to check everything out!!