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Sample Reviews
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July 2009 Newsletter

WOW!!! I just can hardly believe it is already going to be July! Where has time gone? It seems just yesterday it was cold & snowy outside. In just 6 more months it will be back to visit us & Christmas will be over!

Lots of shop owners have already signed up for the Holiday Sampler which will go on sale November 7. Samples are due in any time before November 6. This way we can be ready for sales before Black Friday weekend. This is the time you will possibly want to offer specials in your shop & include in your sample packet a coupon code to attract sales. The packaging of Gabbriella’s Sampler for that month will be packaged differently…I have already ordered the supplies…I just hope it is as nice as it appears in pictures….I will do a feature on this in October. If you would like to take part in the Holiday Sampler & have not done so yet please let me know so I can log you into the ledger. If you would like to stir the interest of the buyer now would be a great time to do a “Christmas in July” presentation in your shop. I may be doing this on my website. I just need to figure out what I might like to offer my customers this month. It is never too early to start promoting yourself. If you are going to run a “Christmas in July” special email me your link & I will list it on my blog site during July. If you are sending in samples for July’s box include a special offer for the buyer if you like. The craft shows in the

area have been the avenue of getting the Samplers out to the customers. I have donated several each month to some vendors who have offered raffles. They gave tickets for each purchase from their shops & then raffled off the Sampler at no cost to the buyers. This encouraged sales for them & hopefully gave all of the participants more traffic & potential sales in the future to their shops. I do hope all of you are enjoying your summer & I hope it does not pass by too quickly for us.


Kathleen “Gabbriella”

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