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Sample Reviews
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June 2009 Newsletter
Gabbriella’s Sampler

Hi everyone I sure hope all is well with you & yours. Finally nice weather is upon us…a bit much rain…but I guess we need that also. New to the Sampler recently were Marigold Jewelry & Flying Dragon Studios. Both awesome Jewelry makers which I was very happy to have in the sampler & very pleased with their contributions. I have gotten rave reviews on the Sampler each month & we have repeat customers which is very exciting. A few of you have noted to me that you are seeing sales from people who have purchased a Sampler. It is always nice to hear that from you.
This is the craft show season & this is a great time for you to participate in one. It is a lot of hard work setting up & especially if it is outdoors you take a chance of being rained out…but you meet so many nice people doing this. I have given several Samplers to fellow crafters going to shows for them to raffle off. I will continue to do this thru the end of the year. Customers will get a chance to win a Sampler by making a purchase from one of the crafters. No Sampler will be sold at the craft shows nor chances on them…they can only be entered in the drawing if they make a purchase from the crafter. Slots for the next couple months are filling up so if you would like to participate in a Sampler just email me so I can log you into the planner. The November Holiday Sampler is getting a nice lineup…Possibly this can be a larger amount of samples in the Sampler for the Holidays.
If any of you who have already participated in the Sampler send another crafter to the Sampler & they participate I will send you a gift in the mail after their samples arrive to me. They must tell me who sent them to the Sampler so you will get the credit. Also when you are in the Sampler feel free to copy my logo of the package of the lady & use on your blog or site to let people know you are in the Sampler for that month. You can link them to the website also if you like in your blog.
Remember your samples for June if you are participating can be sent when ready as long as they arrive by June 15. Samplers go on sale the 16th.
One more thing…I appreciate each & everyone of you for all your hard endeavors to make this a success for everyone involved….
Blessings & a happy spring to all….
Kathleen “Gabbriella”

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