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Sample Reviews
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Happy Spring Everyone!!!
Finally winter is behind us... I thought it would never get warm & stay warm here in the east! Now it is a bit too hot too soon! But I will take this over snow & ice.
I do hope everyone's business is hanging in there in these tough financial times. At my place of work all of us fro the CEO down have to take 1 week off in May or June without pay to adjust financially. This is a multi billion dollar Fortune 500 company. It is affecting us all. I just want each of you who have been faithful contributors to the Sampler to know how much I appreciate your contributions. I know some of you have been contacting me to say you have started to receive sales from people who have purchased a Sampler. Sometimes I think we ( myself included) think that if they do not purchase the same month we send out samples that is is no effective. I have learned in my experience that most people only purchase when they are looking for that specific item. Just remember that if they try you product, which sometimes the nice size samples you have been sending in take a while to use, when they are in need of that itme they will remember you & visit your shop. Just because they don't purchase the same moment the Sampler is in their hands does not mean they will not be back for that special item they liked or a gift they may need for an upcoming birthday or holiday. This is why presentation of your product is so important. Everyone has been so creative in making their presentation of samples for the Sampler unique that I am very proud to send out our Sampler each month. I say "our" sampler because I put the finishing touches on the Sampler...but you all are the heart of it...& all of us together make it a very nice sampler to receive. When I walk into a Boutique in the city with an offering to the merchant they are always in awe of the appearance & once they open it they are thrilled with all the hard work everyone has done on their items. One last thing, be checking the website & blog for the announcement of the $25 gift certificates on May 1. 1 drawing for the March & April contributors & 1 drawing for the buyers.
Thank you each & everyone of you...until next month...
Blessings to all...
Kathleen "Gabbriella"


Cynthia said...

Hi Kathleen,
Just got your newsletter link. Really like your new blog! I updated my blog with your new pic and link - glad that things are going well! You are the greatest!

Gabbriella said...

Thanks Cynthia...your the best too!!! does the pic you copied rotate? If not I can email you another copy or you can get it off the website.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweety I blogged about the sampler 80)