Sample Reviews

Sample Reviews
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Gift Certificate Drawing

$25 Gift Certificate give away for the months of March & April. All contributors who gave to the Sampler by giving samples will be entered into a drawing and the winner will receive a gift certificate to use in the
Shop "Gabbriella's Closet" A randomizer will be used for the drawing.
Winner will be announced on May 1. So for each month you gave samples to be included in the sampler you will have a chance to win!!!
$25 Gift Certificate give away chance for all who purchased a Sampler in the months of January, February, March & April will be entered into a randomizer drawing & winner will receive a gift certificate to use in the shop "Gabbriella's Closet" . Winner will be announced May 3.


Olenka said...

How wonderful! are there still boxes for sale? I was not able to purchase one before but as soon as payday hits here (Friday) I can purchase one. I hope There is at least 1 more for me 80)

Gabbriella said...

Yes Olenka i still have boxes for sale, I willput one aside for you now. Just pay when ready :) Thanks!!!!

Olenka said...

OOH YAY!!!! Thank you soo much! I can pay Thursday night since Paypal takes a day or so to go thru our bank account ::Evil grin::

OOH I am sending a sweet lady your way. And hopefully I can participate in your box soon as well!!!! Just need to get my brain working on some samples. 80)

Gabbriella said...

I will be so pleased & happy to have you participate...just say when!!!! your items are lovely!!!! Thanks also for sending someone my way... I will be watching!

Michelle said...

Ooh hope I win. I hardly ever win anything!

Gabbriella said...

I know the feeling!LOL...but I did recently win on "A guy who quilts" blog!!!! so you never know!!!!