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Sample Reviews
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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Here it is another month gone by! Thank the Lord spring is coming into blossom. The samplers went a little slower near the end in March, but that is fine. Those will be mixed in with the April boxes. I have already begun getting samples in for the April Sampler. I am so pleased to see everybodys enthusiasm in participation. Reviews on the box have been great. People have been pleased with the choice of samples in the boxes. Everyone keep up the good work! I hope it brings you sales along the way. People are starting to become repeat customers & now purchasing more than 1 box upon visiting the shop. Etsy has not been quite as productive as my website, but I do think it is because my shops are lost in the crowd of etsy sellers. That is fine though since I have other avenues for which to get the Sampler into the hands of the consumer. I listed on eBay just to see if it would be a go. I have had some retailers have interest in placing some samplers in their shop for Mothers Day. This is a great idea. I hope to make this happen with some of the April boxes.
You still have time to join in the April Sampler for Mothers Day Promotion, samples are not due in until April 15th. If you would like to be added to that box just email me so I can start promoting your shop.
Thank you all who have sent prayers for my son & I these last few weeks, it has been a trying time for the whole family. Jase is on his way to recovery, it was a nasty fall that started this whole ordeal & I am very thankful for your prayers & thoughts.
Take care, enjoy the spring season, have a Happy Easter & Blessings to All!
Gabbriella’s Sampler

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