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Sample Reviews
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March Newsletter

Since sometimes my Newsletters end up in a spam folder or returned to me because of them being thought as spam I have decided to post it here for all to see whenever you need to. I still will send it out until you tell me not to send it to you. So here is what is going on for the coming month.....

March 2009 Newsletter Gabbriella’s Sampler

March 15 (this will be our Easter promo)---Samples due in …boxes go on
sale by the 20th or earlier if packed. Easter is on April 12 so this gives you time to get customers orders out to them. You still have time to sign up. Also available “Stimulus Sampler” a smaller version of the sampler for $6.00 with 5-6 samples in it each month. Some have asked for this so we will try it. You can see a picture of it on the website & blog.
Also another new website has been added.

Once again another month is gone! I can’t believe spring is around the corner! I will be glad to get rid of this snow soon! Thank you all who are booking ahead for the rest of the year. I have bookings through July & also for November’s Holiday Box! If you know ahead of time just let me know. Also thanks to the sponsors for their generosity. For those of you who do not know, to be a Sponsor of Gabbriella’s Sampler you just need to send in a full size product worth at least $8 to be raffled off or if you like I could use it & do a product review for you on this site or the spot can be purchased for $12 per month & your banner will be linked on the website and also linked on the above blog in the links section. I am very pleased with the turn outs & surprisingly the boxes get sold. I still take a few first & get out to the boutiques. The contributors who send in 50 or more samples will get a box taken or sent to a boutique with only their samples in. The boxes are 6x6x4 & hold a nice quantity of samples which they can give out to their customers & at the same time see what your work is like & maybe you will get a large sale. This Spring thru Fall I will be promoting the Sampler at the craft showings I go to. Keep in mind if you contribute 100 samples for 1 month alone you will receive a FREE sampler for yourself. I wish you much success this year & many Blessings your way
Till next month~~~~


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